Nathan & Katie – Kinfolk Magazine

A while back I was asked to take a portrait of Nathan Williams, Editor & Art Director of Kinfolk Magazine and his wife Katie, a contributor to the magazine as well.  Some beautiful editorials cropped up too and an inspirational afternoon transpired.   I was thrilled to be involved as the magazine grabbed my attention over the summer and I became smitten with the content among it’s pages both in print and online.  I’m so very excited to be in the next volume and to have had the pleasure of spending some time shooting with such a group of talented individuals which also included Sarah Winward, florist and owner of Honey of a Thousand Flowers and her husband David, contributing writer for Kinfolk.

If you haven’t already ordered it in print, check out the site, journal and Volume 1 online.  Super inspiring.  And don’t skip the manifesto on the site.  Like an artistic, welcoming, warm fuzzy blanket.  How I would love to share more photos from the shoot with you but I suppose we’ll all have to wait for the next volume.  I swear I’m not anxious only because I have photos in the magazine.    I have however dared to share one portrait I took of Nate and Katie with the Hasselblad.  One little magical moment among many.


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