Blueberry Morning

There is a language to mornings…..and a tone.  Sometimes they sing sweetly, sometimes they urgently prod you, sometimes they yell and scream and dump you face down out of your warm bed to the cold floor……..and sometimes they gently tell you it’s a day for keeping those big socks on, throwing on a sweater and having a quiet, creative adventure.

Thankfully my schedule allowed for this yesterday and I experimented with a new recipe and studio corner whilst my sleeping babes were home sick in their beds.  Snatching these mornings and moments is one of life’s many little pleasures and I was grateful this one in particular came my way.  I felt like Vianne in Chocolat as I stirred my batter, and smelled the fragrant aromas of vanilla and almond.  I was temped to listen to the Chocolat soundtrack, one of my absolute favorites, but to be quite honest, it’s hard to compete with the music of sleeping children and a quiet house.

This recipe is still in the construction stages so I haven’t anything tangible to share……just these photos.













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